Especially since Corona, many new Finance and Investment blogs and podcasts have been started. I believe that, as interested reader and investor, it is important to get your information from different data sources. I also believe that it is beneficial for bloggers and readers to be friendly and to support each other.

On this website, I will present friends and partners of my blog. The list will help you to explore new bloggers and content and it will help my friends and partners to become better connected.

Digital Roadmap Management

Okay, Digital Roadmap Management is neither a friend, nor a partner. It´s rather my first blog and podcast on the Digital Transformation. On this blog, I am discussing Digitalization topics, Technologies, and especially IT and Enterprise Architecture challenges and trends. Since 2018, I have published more than 100 articles. In 2020, I started to add podcast versions to them. If you are working in Digital, IT, or are in touch with IT architecture, the content will be of interest to you.

Visit the blog and podcast website here:

If you have any questions or comments or if you want to join the list, feel free to reach out to me.