First of all: Welcome to my blog!

My name is Markus and I am owner of

I have started this blog to share my knowledge of share investing and analyses and to be able to discuss and work on that great hobby. My goals include:

1. Get more people understand the basics of long-term value investing

2. Share my ideas and thoughts of what I think is important to consider for an investment.

Before you jump directly into the content, take a look at my background and values below. They will help you to understand me and my content better.

What you should know about my content and ideas

Long-Term Investment – Investment into Values

I am a huge fan of investing into shares. I only consider investments that I believe, have a positive long-term yield. I prefer growing share prices over high dividend payouts. However, I really like shares with strongly growing dividends over time – they do not have to be dividend aristocrats.

ETFs Definitely have their place – but not here (currently)

I am not a fan of short-term trading. I do understand the benefits of ETFs, especially for investors with limited knowledge or time, but my personal focus is on individual shares.

Investing and blogging is my hobby – I want to share my interests

I am not a professional investor. I am a private person who is sharing his own experiences, ideas, challenges, and lessons learnt. If you do not agree to anything that you read here, let me know.

My professional expertise is around IT Strategies, Technologies, and the Digital Transformation

I am a professional IT Management Consultant. Consequently, my focus and my understanding might be especially strong in that area. I think that this is especially important to know, because there are other blogs from Finance guys, which have a better finance understanding or from engineering people that might have a better understanding in that area. I believe that a good mix of information from different sources is the best option.

My analyses are no rocket sciences – but a good collection and evaluation of different inputs

I am providing my view on company shares and I try to evaluate whether they are a good investment or not. My analysis is based on openly available data and I am always linking to the information that I found. Naturally, I cannot guarantee that all data from those third parties is accurate, however, it is also in my own interest to consider only high quality data sources.

Many of the companies that I talk about are in my private investment portfolio – you should always take everything with a pinch of salt that you read on the Internet!

It is very important for me to share objective analyses that are a good basis for investment decision-taking. In that context, I must say that I also personally hold shares of the companyies that I talk about. While from a legal perspective, that can be a conflict of interest, my goal with those analyses is also to find out for myself if I want to further invest, hold, or de-invest those companies.