• How to identify the best high-dividend investments
    In November 2021, when it became clear that interest rates will increase soon in order to fight the current high inflation, a huge shift from technology and high growth shares towards more secure, large, and high-dividend-paying shares started. Over Christmas, I took a deeper look into companies with very high dividend ratios with the goal to find interesting companies in that area. Why looking at so many different companies? Why not […]
  • Analysis of Adidas: Solid investment with growth opportunities?
    Adidas is a large player in the sportswear industry. The share and dividend growth of the past was quite attractive, the underlying trends are as well. Is the company a good investment? Read more here! Adidas in a Nutshell Adidas is a major company in the sport shoes, clothes, and accessories industry. It employs more than 62,000 people around the world. Its current market capitalization is around 60 billion Euros. Adidas […]
  • Is Yum! Brands a Tasty Share for Your Portfolio?
    Yum! Brands is a big player in the fastfood industry. The market for this industry is growing, especially due to emerging economies where consumers have increasingly more income available to spend. However, the past years of Yum! show mixed results and there are also several trends that might have a negative impact on Yum´s revenues and hence need to be considered. Who or What is Yum! Brands? Yum! Brands was founded […]
  • Adobe is Great to Participate in the Digital Transformation!
    Adobe is a really famous brand name. It provides crucial software to create, manage, and share digital content of different kinds. Its most favous products include Photoshop and the Acrobat Reader. With more organizations and customers spending more time and money online, Adobe has a very strong position in a very strong market. Who or What is Adobe Inc.? According to their slogan, Adobe operates in the area of creative, marketing, […]
  • Would an Investment in Paypal Pay Out Well?
    Paypal seems to be a fantastic investment case and brought very high returns in the past. However, there are also some risks associated with their operations, which we are going to discuss today. Let´s see whether an investment into Paypal could pay out well. Who or What is Paypal? Paypal operates in the online payments industry. It was founded 1998. From 2002 until 2015, it was part of eBay. It was […]
  • Linde: Low investments, stable and high profits in a sustainable way!
    Linde plc is a market leader and a must-consider if you want to invest in hydrogen, but prefer large companies. Since Linde AG and Praxair became one company in 2018, its share prices developed really well. In addition, Linde is a good company if you are looking for regularly growing dividends. Who or What is Linde? Linde AG was founded in 1879. Since then, it entered and left quite some product […]
  • What Makes Walt Disney A Special Investment?
    Walt Disney is a very special company and an exciting investment opportunity. In this article, I explain what kind of business Walt Disney does, what its priorities are, and analyze it in the context of Corona, sustainability, and future trends. Who or What is Walt Disney? Walt Disney was founded in 1923, just between the two world wars. It has an exciting founding history, which you can read about in this […]
  • Would it be a great decision to buy MongoDB shares?
    MongoDB has surely been one of the rising stock market stars in the past. In today´s post, we analyze the company, the shares, and its economy in some more detail. Would you buy it? Who is MongoDB – A High-Level Understanding MongoDB is a company in the IT industry. More specifically, it is very strong in the cloud computing industry. It provides a database solution for documents-oriented databases in the NoSQL […]